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Realistic “Barbie” to Have Cellulite, Acne and Stretch Marks


The New Realistic “Barbie”

She’s every little girls’ dream at Christmas and many add her to their letter to Santa in the hope that they’ll find her poking her perfect head out of their stocking on the morning of the big day; she’s the iconic doll with the tumbling golden locks, the wardrobe to rival The Duchess of Cambridge’s and she’s not got a blemish on her.

The same can’t be said however for “Lammily” the doll created by Nickolay Lamm as an answer to the original doll that every little girl dreams of.

“Lammily” based on the average 19 year old woman

Lamm has based his doll’s proportions on those of the average 19 year old woman in America. As a result, the doll actually looks as though she could walk on her normally sized feet…and her waist isn’t to improbably tiny that she’d fall over if she attempted to hold her own weight.

Lammily comes with her own wardrobe of specially designed clothing and now she comes with added, optional extras…acne, stretch marks and cellulite!

Add-On-Pack Increases Dolls Realism

Lammily has decided to release the “add-on-pack” including the previously mentioned blemishes as well as “blushing cheeks” for when Lammily is embarrassed or self conscious, freckles, tattoos, bruises, scars and even grass stains! So that as well as enjoying a doll with realistic proportions, children can enjoy one with realistic skin!

The idea is that children can play with a realistic interpretation of a woman and not an impossible fantasy. When we consider that more than 50%-90% of women will suffer from cellulite at some point in their lives, perhaps Lammily is a good idea?

Lamm insists that his design is not trying to compete with other dolls but is simply offering an alternative. Whether children would like one is another question!


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