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Take a Look At Our Aldgate Clinic’s Pigmentation Treatments

Pigmentation Aldgate

At Premier Laser & Skin, we want you to look your best every day, which is why our clinics offer a variety of different procedures to help make that happen. We wanted to spotlight one common concern that we have many treatments available for at our Aldgate location – pigmentation.

Fighting Pigmentation Issues

Did you know that there are lots of factors that can cause pigmentation problems? The two most common causes are sunlight exposure and hormone changes which can create dark patches on the skin. What’s more, though, is that pigmentation can often be hereditary too. People of Asian descent commonly deal with pigmentation issues more than any other ethnic group.  Fortunately, there are several treatments which can provide you with the help you need to deal with your pigmentation issues, including two of our peels at Aldgate.

  • Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel AldgateCosmelan Peel: This amazing skin whitening treatment can help you reduce the dark spots and patches. This one-off peel is ideal for anyone suffering from deep pigmentation or melisma as it inhibits the melanin production in those problem cells, helping you to shed the dark skin. Following the peel you will be provided with an extensive home care kit to help improve your results in the weeks following.
  • DermaQuest SkinBrite Peel: A more gentle pigmentation peel, the SkinBrite is ideal for targeting sun spots, age spots and freckles. It works by deeply exfoliating the skin, encouraging the damaged skin cells to shed so that new brighter skin can be revealed. Depending on your pigmentation, a course of up to 6 peels may be recommended by our expert practitioners.

Pigmentation problems can be tough to treat, especially when you’re dealing with heredity issues. At our Aldgate location, though, we’ll help you tackle those pigmentation issues to give you a beautiful and even skin tone. Book your free consultation with us today to discuss your skin concerns.


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