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Top To Toe Hair Removal. Just A Trend?

Summer is in full swing right now, as you can likely tell from the recent heat wave, and for many, that means more hair removal than ever. These days, people are looking to get almost all of their body hair removed. Instead of simply paying attention to that bikini line or those legs, people are searching for almost completely hairless bodies. It’s not just women looking to remove hair, though. Men have certainly become part of the hair removal community as well. What’s pushing people toward hair removal now?

A Push From Society

Many pin the new need for complete hair removal on society as a whole. The concept of beauty and social norms changes just as everything else does, and today’s society simply sees a lack of body hair as a social norm. One quick look at women’s razor commercials will tell you just that. Words like “silky” and “smooth” seem to permeate advertising at every turn. The men and women on telly, in commercials, and plastered throughout the media only further that image. A hairy chested man is no longer a desirable one. Women want the soft skin that seems so attractive throughout the media. Think it’s just part of the media? Think again. This is absolutely a trend. A recent study by shaving giant Braun indicated that 62% of men now think manscaping is an absolute must to feel clean and sexy.

The Religious Side of Things

Society isn’t the only part of the hair removal push these days. There are also a growing number of religions that suggest hair removal. While Muslim law recommends the beard, the hairs on the chest and the back are often removed. Some Buddhists believe hair on the head (including the eyebrows) needs to be removed to make them pure.

For Sport

As a culture, sport is becoming increasingly important as well, and some find that to be the driving force behind hair removal today. Professional footballers (or those who want to be) and cyclists remove hair to help deal with injuries better and to enhance massages. Professional swimmers remove hair to help reduce drag.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons people are looking toward hair removal today, but the simple reality is that they are looking for it and at London Premier Laser, we’re here to help you find the single most effective hair removal method in the world. Contact us today to learn more.

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