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Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

There are many reasons someone why choose laser hair removal to invest. For anyone wondering whether they should invest in the treatment, we discuss the main benefits and simple facts here.

–    For men and women out there who are sick and tired of having to shave every few  days, laser hair removal is a good choice. Many men have this treatment!

–    The treatment is very straightforward and painless. After choosing a reputable laser clinic, you will have a briefing with the technician doing the procedure where you will discuss concerns, any questions you have and most of importantly the area you want treated after this the appointment will be made. Once you are at your appointment you will meet with the technician where the area will be shaved and cleaned where an anaesthetic cream will be applied, after this cream has absorbed slightly you will be ready for the procedure to begin.

–     You will know when the treatment has started as you will feel a tingling sensation, this should be painless and if anything you will only feel a slight discomfort. The tingling sensation is due to the highly concentrated beams that are absorbing pigments of hair follicles, damaging them which essentially is stopping the hair from growing. To make sure you are most comfortable another dose of anaesthetic will be applied to the area to prevent any further tingling sensations experienced.

–    This procedure will only last from a few minutes to up to an hour and this is all dependent on the laser hair removal area being treated; whether the area is large such as a back, or as small as facial hair being removed. The smaller the area, the quicker the procedure. This could all be done in a lunch break it’s that quick. However it may be advised you rest the treated area for a few hours afterward, this will allow it to settle as you will experience some after effects such as swelling and redness which are all very normal reactions.

–    The laser hair removal sessions will usually be over a course of 4-6 months where usually people being treated will book an appointment once a month, where the treatment will then be completed quite quickly, as this will fit in with your everyday life and busy schedule.

–    Those hard to reach places that are always a hassle will never be a problem again because laser hair removal can target many different areas of the body. Laser hair removal doesn’t just remove hair from legs and faces but can remove hair wherever you want; arm pits, arms, thighs, belly, back and so on making this solution perfect for the whole body.

–    This saves you the time, effort and worry of looking to achieve silky smooth forever more. Appearance is everything in society today, so having the softest legs and smoothest face is a must-have and finding the perfect razor will no longer be an issue. Laser hair removal will tick all the boxes, not only smoother skin but healthier looking and feeling skin too. Having smooth legs will make any person confident in their own skin.

–    Buying razors will no longer be on your shopping list which leaves you to spend money on the finer things in life. With this treatment only costing over £100 it will no doubt be the best investment as you will no longer have to splurge out on the latest super razor that costs a fait bit, you won’t even have to go down that isle, leaving you shaving cut and wax rash free forever more.

–    This treatment particularly benefits those with dark and coarse hair, as these are the most visible on the surface.

–    Laser hair removal will not guarantee every hair follicle will be removed, however it will guarantee a huge reduction of hair growth.

–    The treatment really is as simple as that, and removes hair from areas that you’ve hated shaving for years, it will allow you to feel confident and sexy no matter how old you are and this sets you up perfectly for the summer months and even winter as the full course of treatment is done in just over 4 months.

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