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Why Do I Have Dark Spots?

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Dark spots on the skin can be a significant source of concern.  Are they signs of skin damage? Or is it simply more the appearance of them that you aren’t so keen on. Let’s answer your questions and fill you in on how you can treat them.


Melasma and age (or liver) spots are both forms of hyperpigmentation. They are caused by exposure to UV rays, environmental stressors and inflammation or by changes in estrogen levels. What happens is that the skin cells start to produce more pigment (melanin) to protect themselves.

This uneven pigmentation shows up as dark spots. If your skin is lighter, they will appear as freckles or sun spots. If your skin is darker, spots will look patchy or like shadows.

Hyperpigmentation in the form of melasma or age spots is not dangerous to your health. Though, exposure to sun does put you at risk for skin cancer. What you really want to watch for in terms of your physical health is moles or spots that change in colour, size or texture, new or unusual growths, white waxy lumps or brown scaly patches.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

If dark spots are a source of concern, you can explore the following treatments:

Cosmelan: When people struggle with dark spots, they turn to Cosmelan; it is one of the most effective treatments as yet. The topical solution targets cells that involve pigmentation, preventing melanin production and lightening spots.

Laser for Pigmentation: Targeted wavelengths of light are introduced to the affected area. It is absorbed by the spot-creating pigment, causing it to shatter. Your lymphatic system safely flushes it out of your body. And spots safely disappear.

Anti-Pigmentation Peel: This chemical peel provides deep exfoliation. It encourages damaged skin to shed and speeds up your natural rejuvenation process.

Our trained practitioners can help you determine which method is best for your skin. Come in for a consult and say hello to even, beautiful skin.


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