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Beauty Lessons We Can Learn From Our Dogs

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dogs are known as mans best friend and they are notoriously famous for their extreme loyalty and loving, caring nature. However did you know that you can actually learn some beauty tips from your canine companion?

Below we will share the top beauty tips that we can all learn from our dogs:

Diet Is Important

Doggy Lesson:

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your dog healthy and maintaining their shiny furry coat. An unhealthy diet can make a dog ill and can lead to a variety of skin and hair (fur) problems. Dogs have their own special food that is made uniquely just for them that contains all the right vitamins and nutrients that they require in order to stay healthy.

Beauty Lesson:

Even though we would never think to feed our dogs all the bad food that we put into our mouths on a daily basis a lot of us still continue to eat unhealthy. Put basically the food we eat provide the building blocks that are needed to maintain a healthy body. If we eat too much sugary and junk food our skin certainly suffers resulting in an varying skin problems and conditions. We are not trying to take all the fun out of your eating here, sure its fine to have a little treat from time to time but on the whole try to eat a well balanced diet.

Get Lots Of Beauty Sleep

Doggy Lesson:

It’s true what they say; it’s a dogs life alright!! Dogs spend a lot of their time recovering from their busy days running after frisbys, chasing those pesky lights on the floor or barking at that intruder dog in the mirror that looks awfully familiar. We can often find our lovable pets sprawled out across the floor catching up on some much needed R&R charging up their little batteries for round 2.

Beauty Lesson:

Whether its work, household chores or a hardcore social lifestyle we can sometimes neglect our beauty sleep. Sleep is a vital component in staying fit, healthily and looking your best. When you are in the land of nod your body is busy at work repairing and recharging itself – without the recommended 7-8 hours of daily sleep your skin can suffer by losing its usual healthy glow and your eyes will show signs of tiredness via dark under eye circles.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Doggy Lesson:

During the day while their owners are away at work a dog is hard at work watching over the house. His job is to bark at any passing postmen, scare away any wandering neighbourhood cats that dare step foot on its owners property or considerately hide socks and other soft items for safe keeping under the table  – you know just in case someone breaks in. However once their owner comes home and their watch is over a dog is ready to release the stresses of the day and play. Dogs are very playful and love to let go and just have a good time!

Beauty Lesson:

Finding time out to enjoy yourself and relieve the stresses of the day are vital in order to look your best. A build up of stress can cause a breakout of acne which I am sure you will all agree is not a pretty look. No matter how busy you are you can always find an hour or two just to take some time out and have fun…

Wash Daily

Doggy Lesson:

Cats are not the only animal species that are known to have good hygiene. Dogs are very clean animals too and will ‘wash’ themselves throughout the day. There are some breeds of dog for example the Vizsla and the Chihuahua who have impeccable grooming habits

Beauty Lesson:

It is essential to make sure to wash everyday. Keeping your skin clean of oils and bacteria from dirt, dust, sweat and even dead skin cells is important. However it is not recommended to wash too often or use products on a regular basis as over use can irritate your skin causing inflammation and redness.

Leashes Are Your Enemy

Doggy Lesson:

Dogs LOVE to go on walks and there is nothing better then a walk without a leash. Dogs love to explore the unknown and are never hesitant at checking out what is over that next hill.

Beauty Lesson:

We are talking metaphorically with this one. When it comes to clothing or cosmetics for women a lot of people like to play it safe and stick to what they know – hey if something works why try fixing it, right? Although there is some true in that statement it’s always good to be a little adventurous and try new things. Go out and buy that funky looking top you saw in Topshop or put on that green eye shadow that you have always wanted to but have never had the confidence to try and pull off, who knows you might love it.

Be Yourself

Doggy Lesson:

This one is more of an inner beauty lesson. No matter what shape, size or colour a dog is, they will always be happy and have their little tails wagging no matter the weather. While some dogs are big and muscular, others are smaller and more athletic. Every dog is unique and just perfect they way they are…yes even you pink unicorn dog.

Beauty Lesson:

I know it sounds cliche but you are who you are and there is no point in faking it. The key to truly rocking at life is to be comfortable in your own skin. Never be afraid to just be yourself, find out who you are and embrace it. At the end of the day your ‘bark’ is your own, love it and learn to use it.

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