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Fillers for Contouring

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Who doesn’t want to turn back the hands of time? To lift sagging jaw lines, plump sunken cheeks, erase wrinkles, creases and fine lines, add volume to the lips? The problem is that, traditionally, the only viable solution was surgery. With advanced technology and techniques, though, that is all changing. Dermal Fillers can create contouring magic.

Anti-Ageing Injectables: They’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

In the earlier days of injectables, the immediate results were… well, shall we say, noticeable? As in, you certainly noticed the lack of facial movements and “frozen” type appearance. Luckily, though, today’s most advanced treatments work to contour and lift your features to deliver subtle, natural and superb results.

What can you expect from dermafillers?

  • Softening of deep facial creases and wrinkles.
  • Plumbing of the cheeks.
  • Definition of the lips and mouth area.
  • Enhancing of shallow contours.
  • A youthful, revitalised appearance.

The Power of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the buzziest trends in the skin care world – and for good reason. “Trends” is misleading though: hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring humectant (i.e. a substance that helps the skin retain moisture). A critical ingredient in our fillers, hyaluronic acid keeps the plump, supple, firm and younger looking.

Babies have high levels of this element, which is why they have “baby soft” skin. As we age, particularly after 40, our levels decrease. An injection of this youthful humectant – which is suitable and safe for all skin types – is just what you need to erase visible signs of ageing.

Dermal Fillers allow you to achieve results and then get back to your day with no fuss, no muss – and wonderful results! Schedule your consult to find out more.

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