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Laser Hair Removal – Ditch That Beard

Goodbye razor…Hello laser hair removal

The majority of woman will be able to tell you that one of their most embarrassing problems they have to handle is the issue of facial hair.  But for men shaving is something they have to do, for most men anyway it is everyday they need to shave, especially if they want to achieve a nice clean shaven smooth look.

Some men have full facial beards that don’t require much upkeep, but some men go for the stubbly look, that requires much more maintenance.

In today’s world unwanted body hair can be unsightly, and men who do not get rid of the unwanted hair are considered to be un-kept and un-groomed.  To be kept well, grooming can take a considerable amount  of time and in some cases a considerable amount of money.

There are many methods of hair removal for both men and women, shaving is probably the most used method for men.  Waxing is another method that men use for larger areas of unwanted hair.  There are many different types of creams, but some of these can have quite an unpleasant smell.

shaving for women


There are also many different epilating devices on the market ranging from different prices.  But all these methods of hair removal will have to be repeated and ongoing as the hair will grow back after a few days or weeks.  There are a few methods that will eventually give you permanent hair reduction; these include laser hair removal therapy, which will need a few treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction. Other methods include electrolysis and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

ingrown hairs

If you are a man who uses shaving as his method of hair removal you might find that you suffer from Ingrown hair, this is where the hair curls back and grows back into the skin, this is quite a common occurrence on the face when you shave.

Having ingrown hair can cause minor irritation, in some people it can be very unsightly and causes pain, if left  untreated  it can also become infected.  To avoid Ingrown hair you can exfoliate the skin with some facial scrubs that are widely available in supermarkets and chemists.  There are also creams that are available especially to treat the problems of ingrown hair.


There are many natural methods that are available to remove unwanted hair including sugaring, this has been a way of removing hair for thousands of years.  This is very similar to waxing, but sugaring involves using a sticky sugary paste, usually made up of water, sugar and lemon juice, (sometimes it also includes honey or molasses.)

This paste is then put onto the skin and then just like waxing a strip of paper, porous cloth is placed over the sticky pastes and then very quickly pulled away from the skin, (in the opposite direction of the hair growth.)  This is quite an easy process and can be done at home, the results are quite good and can last for about three to six weeks, although it can be quite painful and also very messy.

best laser hair removal


Waxing is also a popular choice and is done in the same way as sugaring.  But in waxing a thin layer of melted wax is applied to the area you are treating and then in the same way as sugaring, a strip of porous paper or cloth is pressed onto the wax and then with a quick movement the strip is pulled away, taking the unwanted hair with it. This method will also last between three and six weeks.

Waxing can also be done at home, but there are many professional beauticians that will be able to do sugaring and waxing treatments as well.


There are also many creams on the market that claim to use natural ingredients and because of this they will not cause any irritation or harm to the skin.  By being made from all natural ingredients, they will usually smell much better than that of normal hair removal creams.


There is also a new laser hair removal treatment which is considered to be revolutionary. Many celebrities are getting this treatment. This technology will cause any unwanted body hair that is treated to be removed permanently.

The laser emits a beam of light directly on to the hair follicle destroying the hair at its root without affecting the surrounding area. This saves men time and money compared to the many other types of hair removal out there, with the added bonus that the results are instant.

Laser hair removal can seem quite expensive but once you total up the amount saved over the years on hair removal products including razors and wax strips the treatments will soon pay for themselves. Also make sure to look out for special offers to get the best laser hair removal deals.


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