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Laser Tattoo Removal – Straight To The Facts!

Looking at laser tattoo removal for the first time can be a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the facts.  There is a lot of confusion for those who are new to the treatment and all it entails. If you’ve got questions or doubts about laser tattoo removal, read on to learn all about the basics and how laser tattoo removal works.

Laser tattoo removal does not involve burning the skin

That’s right…there’s no nuking of the skin involved in removing a tattoo with laser. The high intensity light is beamed directly into the ink particles below the surface of the skin without affecting surrounding skin and tissue. The force of the light “smashes” the particles and then the ink is absorbed into the body and expelled naturally.

The amount of sessions you’ll need will vary

It’s not true that black ink is harder to destroy and it’s also not true that amateur tattoos are tougher to deal with. Black ink absorbs light very well and so black tattoos respond well to treatment. Amateur tattoos are often faster to remove as well…this is because amateur tattoo artists don’t tend to get the ink as deeply into the skin as professionals. Most people will require between 8 and 15 sessions to be completely rid of their ink.

Laser tattoo removal hurts less than getting a tattoo

That’s right; most people report that the sensation is similar to a rubber band being “pinged” against their skin over and over again. It’s also reported that the level of discomfort is much less than that of a tattoo being applied.

You can have an old tattoo lightened to assist a cover-up job

If you’d like to cover up an old tattoo but would like to maximise the chances of success, then a partial removal is possible. By lightening the original tattoo it is possible to make the job of the tattoo artist undertaking the cover-up job much easier.

It doesn’t matter what colour skin you have

Although darker skins may require more sessions than paler skins, it does not mean that laser tattoo removal won’t work well on dark skins. You can seek removal no matter what your ethnicity.

It won’t break the bank

Whilst a course of laser tattoo removal is definitely an investment, it is sometimes possible to secure a discount on treatments by booking in blocks. The prices you pay will be an indication of the quality of your treatment; the better the equipment used the more sessions will cost and the better your skin will look at the end of the course.

It’s safe

Laser tattoo removal is very safe indeed; especially if you use only the best clinic. There is no need to fear skin damage; if you have concerns speak to your practitioner about them during your consultation.

Laser tattoo removal is the best answer to the discomfort of an unwanted tattoo; there’s no need to live with past mistakes…your old tattoo can be dealt with effectively, affordably and without excessive pain.



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