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Most Common Areas To Get Laser Hair Removal Treatment

common areas for laser on men and women

Common Areas To Get Laser hair removal London treatment  for both men and women.

There are also many common places that salons see people having their treatments, including armpits, legs, back, chest and face. These are the top five places to have the treatment.

For women, common areas include their upper lips or chin. However, men might also go for this area if they suffer from razor burns when shaving their face. This can be a sensitive area to treat, so special care is required before and after treatments..

Chest hair is also a favorite with many people. Waxing these areas can cause considerable pain and even scars on the skin. With laser hair removal treatment, men will never have to suffer from waxing their chests again.

Back hair is another part of the body which people want removed, particularly athletes and sports people. Back hair can grow back fast if people choose to shave or wax it, which can cause time wasting and expense. After laser hair removal, people never have to worry about this again.

Armpit and underarm hair is a common concern for both men and women. It can in the worst cases cause excessive sweating and bad odour. Underarm laser hair removal treatments remove this unsightly hair from the armpits in less than an hour. More often than not, this is permanent after several sessions too.

Leg hair is another area of the body commonly treated with laser hair removal. In summer, women like to wear swimsuits and to look extra good they like to be hair free, so they have no worries that they need to shave every day. Hair on the legs is the easiest to remove because the hair is thicker and darker. Laser hair removal works best on people with fairer skin and darker hair, as the laser can “find” the hair much more easily.

Some women prefer hair removal on their legs from the ankle to just above the knee; whereas other women want the whole leg treatment to include the ankle right up to the hip bone. In many cases, it depends on the woman’s budget and some even do half a leg one year and the top half of the legs another year!

This kind of treatment does not take too much time and is virtually painless too. This is why laser hair removal has become more popular, especially in these areas of the body.


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