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Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Virginia Water Clinic

Myth 1: It is painful.

Laser hair removal, however scary it sounds, is surprisingly not painful. However with many people experiencing different sensations and having varying pain thresholds, it is difficult to distinguish between each individual and what they will experience with the treatment. Many say the first time is the worst. The majority only experience a tingling sensation.

Myth 2: It won’t work with dark skin.

There was a time that laser hair removal on dark skin, wasn’t possible, however with recent advances in science developments hair can now be removed from darker skin. Always ensure with your practitioner that they have the most up-to-date systems before procedures and make sure they are fully registered and qualified.

Myth 3: It takes too long to treat – some years!

It only really takes 4-5 treatments at most, which rids you of around 90% of all your unwanted hair and usually patients are advised to repeat their sessions every 6-8 weeks. This means you will be finished within a few months, however this all depends on your financial situation and whether you can afford further treatments. This means that it is entirely up to you whether the treatment is extended to cover some years or not!

Myth 4: It is way too Expensive in the current climate.

Laser hair removal cost in total does increase per each visit, however this all depends on how large the area is. If you are having your upper lip done, this will cost considerably less in comparison to your back which is a larger area and will take longer. Discuss with your consultant beforehand to distinguish between the prices; the cost adds up mainly when the sessions are repeated however each individual session will not be very expensive. It is a far more cost effective way of treating unwanted hair, much better than continuously buying razors!

Myth 5: I heard it’s not safe, shall I risk it?

Laser hair removal treatment uses a laser that attracts to the pigments in the hair follicles, which means the laser only targets the hair follicle and nothing else. This leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed and has been used safely on millions of clients. Many studies also back up the safe nature of laser hair removal. As long as you use a qualified clinic with proper technicians and treatments, there is nothing at all at risk.

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