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Is Laser Hair Removal For You?

Is Laser Hair Removal for you? If you want to be rid of your time consuming hair removal routine, Laser hair removal then is for you. With Laser hair removal, you can attend several sessions over a course of months to achieve smoother, silkier looking skin.

The treatment is totally safe and nothing to be afraid of. The area being treated will have to be shaved and cleaned before the procedure can begin, an anaesthetic will then be applied to ensure minimal amount of pain possible during the treatment. Most people say they feel no pain at all.

You would be a good candidate for Laser hair removal if you have dark hair and light skin. Don’t go into your consultation with a tan – this is a laser’s worst nightmare! This is because the laser could end up burning the skin because it thinks it is hair. The laser works by differentiating between hair and skin, light and dark. Dark hair and light skin is always the best combination. However, other skin and hair types can be treated too. You need to book a consultation to find out whether you would be able to see the benefits of Laser hair removal.

Treatment time is very quick

–        It take less than a minute to have the upper lip be treated by laser

–        For the underarms will take 1-2 minutes long.

–        It will take 2-3 minutes for the chin to be done by laser.

–        The bikini line will take 8-10 minutes long.

–        It will take a little longer for the legs and back to be done taking approximately 1½-3 hours long for both. This is because the area of skin is so much greater and the Laser hair removal process will need more time.

To be a good candidate your diet should also be changed if you are on a beta-carotene diet. This means you eat a lot of vitamin A, squash, carrots and some other vegetables. The beta-carotene stays in the body for a few months and it creates a yellowy orange look to the skin. This is not ideal for Laser hair removal.

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