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Sun Cream That You Drink!


Mmm…glass of sun cream anyone? This offer isn’t as odd as it may seem since an American company claim to have created drinkable sun protection!  Osmosis Skincare claim that this is a holistic breakthrough and that drinking your sun protection is the way forward. The product is called Harmonised H20 UV Protection is supposed to provide protection up to factor 30 and the makers say that once the product has been ingested, molecules “vibrate” on the surface of the skin to cancel out the harmful aspects of the sun.

Product Lacks Scientific Backing

The product is not endorsed by any skincare experts and so apparently has no scientific proof backing these claims up…but the instructions are to drink 4ml of the liquid every three to four hours whilst exposed to the sun. The product is available in two forms, “tanning” and “non tanning” which is supposed to enable consumers to control their suntans.

Advice regarding this product is to be cautious as it is doubtful that it really will provided the protection it claims it will. Professor Antony Young of the St. John’s Institute of Dermatology at King’s College said it is unlikely that a drink could offer the protection it claims too and Dr. Rang Singh said; “We know that ingestible sun products aren’t that good. To say they have changed the frequency of water molecules…well I just don’t know how they could have done that.” He went even further and added, “I wouldn’t just take these claims with a pinch of salt, I would take them with a fistful!”

Stick To The Traditional Methods…Or At least For Now.

So if the experts are this doubtful what are consumers supposed to think? The drinkable “sun protection” is coming at a time when topical sun creams are already in the spotlight for having failed rigorous tests which have highlighted the fact that many off the shelf are not offering the amount of protection which they claim to.

The advice remains clear; to wear a good quality topical sun cream and to wear a hat; don’t expose yourself to strong sun for long periods of time when unprotected and drink plenty of water…not sun cream!

This company are not the first offering drinkable beauty treatments…in recent years there have been a surge of elixirs which claim to improve skin health and hair condition in addition to gummy bears with beauty properties; although some of these undoubtedly contain some good vitamins and minerals it’s questionable how successful they really are. The best advice is to listen to the experts who have studied the effects of the sun and advised that consumers stick with the traditional methods of protection.

Although some sun cream can be a little uncomfortable on the skin, there are plenty of finer, sprays on creams on the market which feel lighter and less sticky. If you really don’t enjoy applying cream then look out for the spray on type and wear clothing with sleeves! It’s going to be quite some time before we can drink a glass of sun protection that actually works![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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