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Tattoos – Seeing Beyond The Ink


These questions that seem simple upon first inspection can actually be quite deep and philosophical. Take for example someone who has a tattoo of the sun, why did this person get this image?


It’s because they love astronomy? Yeah that has to be it, right? Well actually no, not exactly. This could very well be the reason but there are also other reasons why the image of the sun could be chosen. Take these examples:

Power: The suns power output (luminosite) is an impressive 3.839*10^26 Watts, which works out at an output of 3.839*10^26 Joules per second. Impressive right? Someone could use the sun to convey their power or strength.

Heat: The individual could be a very hot headed person who is quick to irrupt. Or maybe they are someone who is very caring and gives off a lot of ‘warmth’.

Life: The sun gives us life on Earth – this image could be used to show someones love for life or maybe that they are an individual who is full of life?

The sun is positioned at the centre of our Solar System with all the other planets orbiting around it.  Someone who considers themselves of importance could use this astronomical symbol to show this importance.

So Why Do People Get Tattoos


Tattoos can be seen as an extension of ones personality. They can be used to either show a persons beliefs and qualities literally or through abstract imagery. Take Facebook for example, tattoos are not so different from the posts you see daily on the social network. The only difference is that photos on Facebook usually represent a persons emotions / mood at a singular point in time whereas tattoos are more permanent.

Below are 3 of the main reasons for tattoos:

Strong sense of identity: 

People who get tattoos can have a strong sense of identity and have no intention of hiding. They are not scared of public opinion and are happy for others to know what they believe in.


A tattoo can be used to remember a loved one that has passed. It can help with closure by helping to close a gap that is left with the demise of a beloved. A tattoo can help someone to move on by keeping that person, or at least the memory of the person very close at all times.


Sometimes tattoos are just tattoos, plain and simple. No hidden meanings or deep philosophical reasons. Some people do just get that image of a tiger or skull imprinted into their skin because it looks cool.

As you can see tattoos are not just black and white, no pun intended.  So next time you see someone with a tattoo of a dog think twice. The obvious answer is that they love dogs or that they are using the image as a memorial to a lost canine companion, however just like the examples above regarding the sun the dog image can be used to convey loyalty and courage.

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