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Tea Tree Oil: Natures Acne Remedy

If you have had acne and have done a little research into natural treatments, chances are that you will have come across a tree extract named tea tree oil. This oil is native to Australia and has been in fact used by Aborigines as an antiseptic for hundreds of years.

Studies Show 23.7% To 62.1% Reduction With TTO

Between 2005 and 2014 a series of scientific studies showed that products containing Tea Tree Oil reduced acne lesions from 23.7 to 62.1%.

Many Acne Treatment Products Have Too Little TTO

An interesting find of the studies revealed that many acne treatment products actually contained too little tea tree oil to have an effect, but instead use the extract to increase the appeal or marketing of the product.

Side Effects Milder Than Acne Solutions

Some side effects of acne treatments can include slight skin irritation and can cause redness or dryness. However studies have shown that the side effects of the tea tree oil were milder than that of benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics.

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To learn about the study please see below:

Why Is Tea Tree Oil Still The Underdog Of Acne Treatments?

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