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10 Ways Yoga Can Make You Feel Better

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Once upon a time, Yoga was something people did when they went backpacking to India in their summer holidays…or it was something done by actors and models but not something “normal” people did. Today Yoga is so well understood as a beneficial form of exercise and meditation that some GPs are known to recommend it to patients suffering from stress or depression.

It’s not all standing on your head or on one leg either…a lot of what Yoga is based on is mind-related. Deep breathing techniques and lying still encourage participants to slow down, to take a moment to just “be” and to let the stresses of modern living fall away. It works too! Yoga is an outstanding way to feel better about yourself and here are the top 10 ways in which Yoga can make you feel better…no matter what’s bugging you!


Yoga can help you connect:

Not only with others but with yourself. The main point of Yoga is to be at one with yourself…to listen to your inner thoughts and to calm down. This will help you when it comes to other people and your relationships in general.

Yoga helps you feel more compassion:

Once you begin to understand yourself, it naturally follows that you understand others more. This helps people to be more sympathetic and more instinctive when dealing with other people daily.

Yoga makes you determined:

Some of the poses are tricky…you won’t want to simply give up trying and being with others who are also struggling will help you to find your inner strength and keep on trying!

Yoga improves core strength:

Yoga practitioners have great bodies because their core strength is optimised. This means that their muscles are toned and honed and it shows.

Yoga helps you to control your temper and manage stressful situations:

Yoga teaches the control of the breath; when we’re faced with a challenge of any kind, many people notice that their breath becomes short…shallow breathing is a sign of panic. Learning to control your breathing can help you to avoid losing your head when all around you are losing theirs!

Yoga helps you to lose weight:

Because Yoga teaches not only core strength and self control, it is the perfect way to learn to control eating and to strengthen the body at the same time.

Yoga teaches serenity:

Practitioners of Yoga often seem calmer and more serene than other people…because they are! Yoga allows people to tap into their “happy place” at will and as a result, they are usually calm and serene

Yoga can make you more popular:

Truly it can! With an inner strength and a calm nature, people will be drawn to you.

Yoga helps your succeed:

Whatever your profession or whatever profession you are pursuing, yoga can help you to make it a reality because it teaches resilience and allows practitioners to tap into untold inner strength.

Yoga can make you happy:

Yoga can help beat depression, loneliness and also help people to make the changes in their lives which will improve their mood in general.

If you are looking for a hobby which can help your life get on a more even keel or if you’re looking to improve your body, then Yoga could be it. While Yoga can help the body to strengthen there are various treatments which will help you to further improve your body’s look in general. If you would like more even, toned skin for instance then you could look into TriActive and Body Contouring which are outstanding treatments for improving and restoring the natural balance to the appearance of the outer layers of your skin.

With laser technology, cellulite is diminished and the general proportions and appearance of the body is vastly improved. If you’re planning on overhauling your body then you won’t go far wrong with a new regime of Yoga and a course of TriActive and Body Contouring…hitting the problems in their weak area, you can have the body and the outlook of your dreams.


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