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Celebrity Tattoo Removals


As tattoos are becoming more and more popular and it’s so tempting to get a creative or meaningful design to symbolise a time in your life or the person you are. With more sleeve tattoos showing up and tattoos becoming more acceptable for women, it’s no surprise that they are a common statement amongst people of all ages.

Just like fashion trends or hairstyles, you can change your mind on many things and change your opinions. If you have chosen your tattoo design based off something meaningful, over the years that message may no longer mean a lot to you, whether you or your lifestyle has changed. Unfortunately, whether they are impulsive decisions or not, they have left some people with permanent regrets for everyone to see.

Due to tattoos becoming so popular, tattoo removal treatments are matching it, offering fast and less painful results than a few years ago. Tattoos that you no longer like are embarrassing but imagine being someone in the public eye, having to explain to press why you’re in the process removing your tattoo. Many famous celebrities have changed, faded or completely gotten rid of their tattoos with tattoo laser removal. Here are a few examples.

Eva Longoria happily married Basketball player, Tony Parker in 2007 after dating since 2004. With the pair being a powerful and fashionable couple in the public eye, Eva decided she wanted to show her love by getting a tattoo on the back of her neck. The tattoo said the word “Nine”, which was Tony’s basketball jersey number for San Antonio Spurs. This tattoo was rather subtle, with the font not making “nine” too obvious.  Unfortunately for Eva, four years after their marriage, rumours of his cheating scandal being revealed as true, this heartbreak ultimately lead to their divorce, Eva decided to fully move on, which included removing her tattoo.

Megan Fox decided to remove her well known Marilyn Monroe tattoo that used to be on her lower inner arm. This tattoo became famous along with Megan after she rose to famous after her role in the 2007 film, Transformers. Wearing it with what looked like pride, it shocked people when she told the press that she was planning on removing the famous starlet’s portrait from her arm. She apparently told people that she doesn’t like the negative associations that come with Marilyn’s personality and struggles which lead to the downfall of her career and tragically, her death. Not wanting to go down the same route, the reasons lead her to decide to go through laser tattoo removal treatment.

Johnny Depp began dating his Edward Scissorhands co-star, Winona Ryder in the late 1980s. Many years older than her, their relationship wasn’t favoured by Winona’s family due to her young age of 18, however, their love was clearly very strong. Johnny decided to go one step ahead in declaring his love for Winona, by getting a banner tattoo saying “Winona Forever” on his upper arm. Winona couldn’t deal with people judging their age gap so harshly in the press and she decided to call it quits. When the couple split, he decided to leave part of the tattoo on his upper arm and altered it to say “Wino forever”.

Famous supermodel, Heidi Klum, began dating Seal in early 2004 while she was still pregnant with another partner’s child from a previous relationship. Seal happily took on the the father figure for her child due to the birth father no longer being involved in her life. At the end of 2004, they were engaged and tied the knot in 2005. Heidi decided to get Seal’s name tattoo on her lower arm, alongside stars representing her children. As a happy couple for many years, it shocked people around the world when they announced their divorce in 2012. Heidi then decided to remove Seal’s name from her inner arm however keeping the three stars.

Kat Von D is famous for her tattoo shop and her image. With many tattoos all over her body, getting them seems like second nature to Kat. When she got engaged to on/off boyfriend, West Coast Choppers CEO, Jesse James, she gave him quite a surprised. On air, she revealed his childhood photograph as a tattoo on her inner arm. To viewers, they were puzzled to why he didn’t look very thrilled at her massive gift to him. Unfortunately, in 2001 cheating rumours proved to be true and it was reported that his infidelity was with several other women. Heartbroken but remaining the strong character she is well known for, she decided to get rid of tattoo, allowing her to move on.

Kelly Osbourne used to be the unruly child which was portrayed through the MTV show, “The Osbournes” where during her teenage areas, decided to get multiple tattoos. After her career skyrocketing in America due to Fashion Police and appearing on hugely popular channel, E, she decided she wanted to take her career more seriously. After admitting her tattoos were a mistake, she decided to begin to remove a keyboard tattoo that is clearly visible on her lower arm. Many hardcore Kelly fans began calling her a “sell-out” because they felt she was abandoning her image for the public spotlight. On 7th December 2013, Kelly decided to explain her decisions by posting onto her Facebook page. She wrote a huge post to her fans explaining her reasons for tattoo removal and also gave tips to why you shouldn’t be specific tattoos in the first place.

Angelina Jolie rose to fame after her string on amazing acting perfomances since ##CATEGORY-BANNER## 1998. In 2001, she was cast as the world famous, desirable video game character, Lara Croft in Tomb Raider films.  A year before this role in 2000, she met actor Billy Bob Thornton and married him after only two months. The couple were inseparable and showed that in the public eye, appearing at events, wearing pendants containing each other’s blood.  If that wasn’t enough, Angelina decided to get a tattoo of Bob’s name above a dragon. This didn’t really surprise a lot of people due to the fiery couple being very openly affectionate towards each other. However, this passionate pair divorced in 2003, shocking everyone that had witnessed them together. Since splitting, Angelina decided to remove the tattoo of Bob’s name, alongside the dragon and replaced it with the coordinates of each country where each of her children were born.

It goes to show that even the most famous celebrities can make regrettable choices. At the end of the day, we’re all human and there is a way to remove an unwanted tattoo with extremely safe, reliable procedures. If you have a tattoo and you are no longer happy with it, you can choose to go through Tattoo Laser Removal.

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