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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Is laser hair removal safe? This is the first question on everyone’s mind when considering it. The media occasionally throws up stories of badly gone-wrong treatments with scary close-up pictures, so it is no wonder it is one of the first questions asked.

This blog was first written in 2011 and since then technology has improved. Think the first Iphone v the lastest Iphone 11 for a comparison. As well as improved, safer technology, practitioners are also far more experienced and better trained too since 2011.

Is laser hair removal safe on the face or in the Brazilian area?

If you are having laser hair removal on your face, Brazilian, or bikini, you want to know it is safe. Statistics show that more than 100,000 laser hair removal treatments are performed in the UK each year.

Why so many?

The reason lays in how safe the method is, which is unlike any other hair removal treatment on the market. This means more people trust in it to get it right.

Safest cosmetic procedure

In fact, laser hair removal is rated second on the list of the most performed cosmetic procedures. Lasers are used in surgeries, eye and vision correction, and even dentistry, and they are now just as popular in hair removal.

For many years, we accepted other hair removal methods like waxing and shaving as the only permanent hair removal methods. Electrolysis was also popular. This was ineffective as the procedure was so long, and the procedure itself was very uncomfortable as clinics had to shock each follicle of hair to stop it from growing again.

laser hair removalThe latest technology makes laser hair removal even safer.

The latest top-of-the-range Candela Gentlemax Pro laser reduces the risk even further. It operates on a dual-wavelength and is suited for light to dark skin tones. Traditionally, people with darker skin tones did not experience the best results. Today, Nd: YAG lasers operate at a deeper 1064nm wavelength to destroy hair follicles without affecting the upper layers of the skin.

Benefits of laser

Laser hair removal London technology is more effective because it can treat more than one hair at a time. This is because it can target the whole area. Before the laser hair removal takes place, a cooling gel is applied to the skin, after which a laser beam is applied.

This laser penetrates deep into the layers of skin where the follicle is and is completely safe.

Some additional visits to the clinic may be required to treat the whole area of skin effectively, including the new hair follicles that start to grow in between the treatments.

Experienced Practitioners lower your risk.

If conducted in a professional place where qualified people carry out the treatment, then you are assured of a very safe laser hair removal treatment. You should always go and speak to the laser hair clinic first, having a consultation to figure out the kind of hair you need to have treated, your skin type, and so on.

This makes for the safest experience of laser hair removal possible.

Most stories where laser hair removal has gone wrong is where a practitioner was not experienced enough as todays lasers are extremely powerful. Also the clinic may not be a specialist laser clinic so their laser hair removal is an add-on to the main business. As it is not the main source of revenue they would be inexperienced in performing the treatment or use cheap inferior lasers.

Contraindications not disclosed

In some cases, the person who had the bad experience may not have disclosed they were on medication or had a skin treatment recently on the same area, and the skin was sensitive and in a healing phase when laser hair removal was undertaken or proper after advice was not followed.

After the laser treatment for hair removal , you should always follow the after care advice of the professional, i.e. not going out in the sun. This ensures your skin stays safe, free from discomfort and burning, and you get the best out of your hair removal treatment and you can stay hair free on a long term basis without any side effects, rashes or costly shaving/waxing fees!

Next Steps

If you live in London and are looking for a safe laser hair removal experience book a free consultation with us today. We are London’s largest laser hair removal specialist, with 9 clinics across the capital.

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