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Affordable Laser Hair Removal in London [Updated 2020]

Compared to waxing and shaving laser hair removal can be seen as a more expensive and less affordable option. It has grown in popularity and is a now even more popular then ever.

This is because it is very safe, and the client experiences little pain or in some cases, no pain at all. Laser hair removal also produces up to 90% permanent hair loss.

Why is laser hair removal so expensive ?

A number of factors influence the cost of laser hair removal. This includes things like,

  • the type of clinic you use
  • its location
  • the area of skin you need treated
  • the technology used.

If a clinic offers low price hair removal you should always approach them with caution as you may be taking a risk.

Cheap and quality rarely go together.

How to make laser hair removal affordable

However, you CAN get affordable laser hair removal treatments from professional salons and clinics in London.

Some clinics allow you to spread the cost with finance. At Premier Laser our financing starts from just £280 with a 10% deposit. So you could be repaying £22 for 12 months at 0% interest. This makes is less then the cost of most peoples mobile phone payment or less then 80p per day.

laser hair removalFree consultation

A laser hair removal consultation should be free in most places. This allows you to check out the facilities and the treatment and talk through the breakdown of the costs.

Most places will ask you for a deposit and then you can spread the cost over several months. As hair removal sessions usually lasts around 8 weeks, you can expect to pay over this kind of time frame too, which may make it more affordable for you.

Use Laser specialists

You should always use a professional laser hair removal clinic that specialises in laser treatments. This is because you want your procedure to be safe and effective and receive the right advice.

For instance laser hair removal cannot be done on people with  suntanned skin and some hair types also aren’t effective. Your hair removal salon should carry out an in-depth consultation with you about this and advise you correctly.

Splitting the areas for affordability

Your cost also depends on the area of skin you need treated. You might want to only have the top of your legs done, and then get the bottoms done six months later. This can help you to afford the treatment. For most women, laser hair removal is usually carried out on the legs, arms, bikini line and face.

In men this is different. They usually like to see laser hair removal on the chest, face, ears and back.

Packages work out cheaper the pay as you go

A number of sessions may also be necessary, in which case the cost factor may also come into play here. Laser hair removal is charged on the basis of a session. Pay as you go prices often work out more expensive then buying a package of 6 or 8 treatments. So always look out for package prices and the savings you can get there.

 Laser hair removal cost is not covered by health insurance companies so you need to discuss with the clinic which affordable laser hair removal procedure you can afford.

affordable laser Special Offers & Black friday deals

Laser clinics always have special offers on for their laser. So it is worth asking what deals they are running at the moment. This could save you more money too. Also big discounts can be had on Black Fridays if it is coming up or you can wait. You can get some great deals locked in there.

Affordable laser hair removal in London

We cannot estimate your costs, as each session and person is unique and will require an individual treatment plan. You need to check which affordable laser hair removal clinics and procedures apply to where you live as well as setting your own budget and sticking to it.

If you live in London and are looking for laser hair removal in London then book a free consultation with us today. We have 9 clinics across London and Price match and offer great finance and special offer for laser so we wont be beaten on price.

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