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10 Things You Did Not Know About Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal skin types white to black skin model

If, like many people across the UK, you are tired of shaving or waxing then perhaps you should try something more permanent, and more effective. This includes treatments such as laser hair removal.

10 laser hair removal facts:

1. Not for everyone

Laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone. Some skin types give the best results, like people with light skin and also those who have dark and coarse hair. This is because the laser hair removal procedure targets darker hair on light so tanned skin does not always give great results.

2. Popular areas

The more popular areas for getting laser hair removal include the lips, armpits, groin, legs and chest; men also like to sometimes have their back treated.

3. most common question

The most common question about laser hair removal is about the length of the course of treatment. This depends on the area and skin and hair colour; this is usually around 6 to 8 sessions on most people.

laser faqs

4. Side effects

Some people are not aware of laser hair removal side effects. This may include blistering or scarring. You should speak to your consultant about this.

5. Cheap v Quality!

The cheapest clinics do not provide the best results and they may not even be regulated so be careful who you choose. You should do your research carefully and take your time.

6. Proper consultation

You should expect a detailed consultation which is expected to last 30-45 minutes about your specific laser hair removal. This shows your clinic is professional and thorough. Patch test must be done to. Avoid any clinic that do not do patch tests or will do treatments on the same day of the patch test.

tanned skin model

7. Avoid fake and real tans!

You should avoid the sun, tanning and fake tan before treatment. You should not bleach or wax the area for several weeks before treatment.

8. powerful laser technology

Laser hair removal is a highly skilled treatment which works by beaming a powerful laser through the skin where the hair follicle growth is.

9. no pain no gain!

During your laser hair removal treatment, patients may feel slight discomfort if they don’t have a cooling device.

10. Awesome aftercare

After the laser hair removal treatment, makeup can be used straight away but perfumed products should be avoided. Tanning products and tan beds should also be avoided for several weeks. After the treatment you can see the dead hair which comes out naturally.

There will still be some hair that isn’t treated by laser hair removal which is why several sessions must be attended before full effectiveness is felt.

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