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Removing Male Facial Hair

Laser Hair Removal for Beards
If you are male and looking to remove your facial hair on a more permanent basis then your daily shave then laser hair removal could be the right choice for you.
Are you :
  • Tired of shaving every day?
  • Of having five o’clock shadow – five minutes after you’ve shaved?
  • Of pesky ingrown hairs, razor burn, rashes or failed shaping attempts?
  • Or hair that creeps up high on your face or irritates your neck making you look like a distant cousin of a werewolf?

If you have answered yes to any of the above. Maybe it is time to find out more about laser hair removal. Women were first to use laser hair removal and men are just discovering what women have known for years.

facial hair removal for men

If you think your sentenced to a lifetime of shaving – or more painful still, waxing! – you’ll want to consider laser hair removal for your beard. This could be the solution you’ve have been searching for. Now men have finally discovered one of women’s best kept secrets it is time to take action!. Laser hair removal can remove up to 90% of your hair permanently.

laser hair removal for men

male Laser hair removal popularity

Laser clinics in London, once the exclusive domain for women now have more and more men coming through their doors every month as the word spreads.

With the explosion of social media and the power of influencers on platforms like Instagram who share their lifestyle, fitness and beauty regimes, more men have come to see the benefits of laser.

Whether it be on the face, beard line, chest or having the ‘back, sack and crack’ done laser hair removal can help you stay groomed and look your best for longer.

will laser works on my beard?

Laser hair removal is a quick process (no need to call off work – unless you want to!). Concentrated laser light is directed at the hair follicles to reduce regrowth. Laser can work on all skin types and tones so if you are light or dark skin laser can give you the results you are after.

Laser hair removal is not painful – it has been compared to a rubber band pinged against your skin. There is little downtime afterwards. Skin may appear red and feel like it is sunburned afterwards but this should gradually go after a few hours.

You are also advised to stay away from activities that would make you hot; like saunas , steam rooms and exercise

High factor SPF must also be worn to protect your skin which is sensitive after laser.

is laser suitable for my skin colour?

You may have heard laser does not work on darker skin tones this was the case when lasers were first invented. The modern lasers such as the Candela Gentlemax Pro that we use at Premier Laser are the Rolls Royce of the laser industry.

They are FDA approved, medical grade 4 – the same used in hospitals and use the dual wavelength of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG, which gives excellent results whatever your colour.

mens facial laser hair removal

So who is male Laser Hair Removal for?

  • You want to remove a full beard. Want it gone?
  • Laser hair removal can help you achieve a clean cut look, without the bothersome little razor cuts.
  • You want to shape your beard. Like a trim, neat appearance? You can tighten up your beard with targeted laser hair removal. For example, if your beard creeps up on your cheeks or bothers you on the neck, you can elect to have that hair removed.
  • You want a little extra room in your morning routine. Have that second cup of coffee; you’ve saved time not having to shave!
  • You want a long term solution. Laser Hair Removal provides a long term solution for facial hair reduction.

How much will laser on my face cost?

Laser hair removal requires more then one session. All your hair will not disappear after just one session. Larger areas will need more sessions. If you are just having your beard line defined or shaped  then this may be done in a handful of sessions. Larger areas will need between 4-8 sessions.

Prices for laser hair removal on the face start from £22. Buying a package is more cost effective then single pay as you go sessions.

Why not schedule a free consultation and patch test today with one of our expert laser practitioners and learn more about laser hair removal for your beard!

Who are we ?

Premier Laser are London’s leading and largest independent laser hair removal and skin specialists. With 9 award-winning clinics across London open 7 days a week we have performed over 500,000 since 2008 on Londoners.


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